Body Trust is ...

... An erotic embodiment collective bringing you retreats, in-person workshops, and other unique ways to activate and strengthen your trust in and connection to your body.

We believe ...

... In the potential of radically inclusive erotic embodiment work, in taking the work in new directions using new technologies and media, and in the deep wisdom of the body.

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Creations by Body Trust

Some of the fascia to keep us connected between workshops

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"When cultural norms of the mainstream don't fit,

we have to work extra hard to find the truth of our bodies.

Shadow material, cultural shames, and guilts get attached to the skin and the bodies further clouding the search for true self. In the worst case scenarios, our body's truth is left invisible, disconnected, unseen, and our armoring becomes so strong and inflexible that we can't allow the access (to self or others) that we desire. But at best, these challenges allow us to step into our bodies with deep, solid self-knowledge and keen awareness of what mainstream often finds invisible, thus never questions. That is what creates the queer guides who bridge the known and unknown."

Amy Butcher, Chief of Whimsy for Body Trust