the ability to spring back into shape after impact, loss and severing—keeps us alive. It is through awareness of interconnection that resilience thrives. Awareness and tuning of your whole body fully primes your engagement with the world.

Pleasure is important

—essential even. And bodies are hypersensitive tools of connection. Part of the joy of living in a body is not just knowing our own individual experience but also in having the capacity to be in resonance with others, to sense—through our bodies—their pain, love, and vision and how it mirrors our own. Our embodied intelligence and attunement can heal wounds.

Circle work

we gather in community to explore soulful embodiment, and to replenish ourselves. Individuated and interdependent, utilizing the group energy for the micro and macro.

2017 Registration Open


Dates: Wednesday July 19th at 5pm - Sunday July 23rd at 2pm
Cost: $1150 - 1650+, depending on financials. Learn more about Pricing?

Which One Will You Be?




By choice or circumstances, your financial resources are limited. You’d like a little help with the monies. The sliding scale is $1150-1450. When you register we'll ask you to tell us something about your financial needs, then we’ll be in touch to see what we can work out!




Not too big, not too small, you’re right in the financial middle. You are willing and able to pay the fair price for what the workshop actually costs. $1450




By choice or circumstances, your financial resources are abundant (if you make more than $50K or have inherited wealth, we ask you to consider if you might be an ocean). You’re feeling the flow and would like to give a little more to help make possible for Body Trust to support our pond friends. $1650 or more.