root camp

We as beings are in a relationship with the living planet, which we can often forget. But the nature of the earth is permeable, magnanimous, and always open to reconnection with extraordinary generosity, so we can tap into it at our root and move from the grounding upward. Conscious engagement can bring us deeper into connection with the earth and each other. The essence of the earth is wild. Rooted wild, tethered wild, safe wild.


As a circle we can gather together to stabilize our root, strengthen connection to the ground that may have become unglued or frayed. Using tantra principles, we apply awareness and practices to include anal pleasure and embodiment, and we journey to the exploration of our shadow. Connection with our root allows us to deepen our capacity to experience our bodies in desire, connection and pleasure. This can nourish, revitalize, and support change.

Our circle will engage with our connection with the living earth

which is a process of re-wilding, exploring our propensity for wildness, openness, and the transformative.

Join us next Summer at the Bodhi!

Registration will open Spring 2019