FEE: Fair Energy Exchange

Creative Pricing



Which One Will You Be?

YOU determine the right amount to pay based on your financial ability.




By choice or circumstances, your financial resources are limited. You’d like a little help with the monies. The sliding scale is $1150-1450. When you register we'll ask you to tell us something about your financial needs, then we’ll be in touch to see what we can work out!




Not too big, not too small, you’re right in the financial middle. You are willing and able to pay the fair price for what the workshop actually costs. $1450




By choice or circumstances, your financial resources are abundant (if you make more than $50K or have inherited wealth, we ask you to consider if you might be an ocean). You’re feeling the flow and would like to give a little more to help make possible for Body Trust to support our pond friends. $1650 or more.

What your payment includes:

5 fabulous days and 4 nights at the Bodhi Manda Zen Center, including: a bed of your own in a shared room, all meals lovingly prepared onsite, snacks, fabulous facilitated rituals, hot springs pools, and swimming in the river. Payment does not include airfare. There is a shuttle available from the airport to the Bodhi for a small donation.

Refund Policy:

Portals of Pleasure registration opened May 2nd but it closes on June 7th. If you are interested in attending, you must fill out the registration form and pay an initial deposit of $200 by June 7th. No more registrations will be accepted after that date. If you register and pay but need to cancel for any reason before June 7th, we will refund your money in full. On June 7th, if we have not hit our minimum number of paid registrants (12) then the workshop will be cancelled and we will refund your money in full. If we have hit our minimum we will then contact you to arrange full payment. After June 7th, if you need to cancel because of health or unpredictable crisis, we may refund your money in full; however, if you have to cancel just because you changed your mind or something more interesting came up, we may refund your money minus a $200 ‘wow, that’s tough but we’ve already put our money on the line’ fee. Body Trust will have the final say on which situation applies. Refunds will be made within 30 days.

Our financial transparency statement:

Body Trust believes in financial transparency and radical inclusivity. Our workshops are priced to be as affordable as possible for what they are (i.e., for the choices we’ve made on location, duration, resources, etc.). We will do our best to ensure access for those with fewer financial resources through a combination of scholarships and the generosity from other participants. We also believe that this work cannot be sustained on good intention alone. Therefore, we pay our providers (space rental, etc.) and we pay ourselves—not much but enough to ensure we don’t burn out. If you’d like to know more about our approach to financial issues, please talk with us. We’re always happy to be challenged on and deconstruct assumptions about money.

Payment Plans:

We realized it can be hard for some people to come up with big lump sums of cash. Therefore, we can work with you to create a schedule of partial payments. The first payment of at least $300 must be received by June 14th. Final payment must be received before the start of the workshop on July 20th. If you need more flexibility than that, please consider taking advantage of Paypal’s Bill Me Later option.


Never been to the Bodhi? Here's some info.


There are some stairs at the Bodhi, and some paths that go uphill. There are some stairs down to the hot springs and into the temple building. If stairs are hard on your body, please let us know and we'll do our best to house you close to things.


Lodging is shared, in rooms with 2-6 bunk beds. There are lots of options for being closer to the temple space or closer to the hot springs pools. Most rooms have their own bathroom with toilet & sink, and showers are shared.

what to bring

Body Trust is still working out the logistics of what we're doing, but we know that you should bring any toys that are fun for you to play with, any outfits that make you feel fun & free & sexy, any accessories and decorations that are fun, and your own snacks and toiletries. We'll have more details for you closer to the event, in June.

scent-aware policy

Body Trust attempts to keep our workshops scent-aware, and we encourage people to use unscented body products, and to not wear perfume or other chemicals. Some folks are extremely sensitive to them and we want everyone to be able to participate and attend workshops. Please leave scented products at home.

flight info

If you're flying or taking a bus from elsewhere, fly into Albuquerque's SunPort (ABQ)! The Bodhi Manda Zen Center is in Jemez Springs, NM, about an hour and a half outside of Albuquerque. We will arrange the shuttle van from the airport to the Bodhi, and back to the airport on Sunday. The Bodhi requests a donation of a small amount (usually $25ish) in exchange for the shuttle ride.

arrival/departure times

Please plan to be at the Bodhi from 5pm on Wednesday, July 19th, and until 2pm on Sunday, July 25th. Any flights into ABQ should arrive before 2pm on Wednesday, and be after 6pm on Sunday.

food served

The Bodhi's staff will be cooking an all-vegetarian menu for us using their three-bowl zen method of meals. They make food that works for our particular dietary needs, and have been very accommodating in the past to gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, nut-free, and other dietary restrictions. We'll make sure to get your particular restrictions and work with the chefs so everyone's needs are met. You are welcome (and encouraged!) to bring any kinds of snacks that might be supportive to you. And yes, there will be coffee and tea in the mornings!