four days of online temple January 26-29, 2017 with Lizz & Zed


About Rebalance

Focusing on advanced awareness of our own needs around balance, listening to your body, staying in touch with the culture around you while remaining grounded, and using erotics as a tool for healing and connection, this four-day online adventure will be the first of it’s kind and guide you through a process to craft strategies for what your particular life needs based on the wisdom of your body.

For you, increased balance could mean feeling more connected to your body, expressing and exploring your erotic desire, playing with flow and containment, enhancing your power, connection with spirit, life structure, emotional freedom, true expression — or many other things!

We will work with:

  • The inner weaving of sex, self, and spirit
  • Magnetic and electric energies in the body and the planet
  • The healing power of pleasure
  • Increasing inspiration and support
  • The continued creation of embodied community
  • Sustainable practices for your personal path and lifestyle

Join Lizz + Zed to create the medicine you need to support you right now and into the new year. This will be a space to take stock and make conscious choices, and to feel into the places where your body is the guide. We’ll be asking: What do you need? How can you get from here to there? And encouraging you to use the tools of pleasure, Eros, and balance in your movement forward.

We don’t have prescriptive practices here, but rather we’ll all examine the wide variety of supportive tools that work for us individually. What kind of bolstering or buoying do you need? Do you need more containment or flow in your life?

Exploring these practices in a group gives us a greater playing field than if we were exploring individually. Often groups have the ability to transform and digest what one person cannot. Not only will you learn from each other, you’re being witnessed in your own process, and both learning and being witnessed can be transformative processes in and of themselves.

Retreat details:

Virtual workshop with Lizz + Zed

January 26-29, 2 hours (max) daily

We have shifted this into an online platform so more people can take part, and have more access and connection to Body Trust & each other.

  • Thursday night 5-7pm PT
  • Friday morning meditation 7-8am PT
  • Saturday 10-12pm PT
  • Sunday 10-12pm PT

Exclusively for women and non-binary/genderqueer identified folks. Some experience with erotic group work required.

Body Trust has a tiered pricing structure based on income; scholarships available for POC and trans folks.

  • Pond: $200
  • Lake: $300
  • Ocean: $400

    To register, fill out the form below and either Lizz or Zed will contact you for a conversation.

    Registration closes January 15th

  • If individual support is desired, Lizz and Zed are available for additional one-on-one sessions (one hour on Skype is $100).

    Lizz Randall and Zed Sinclair are part of Body Trust, a collaborative dedicated to using the body as a laboratory for transformation. They both study Tantra, BDSM, somatics, transformation, sacred intimacy, queerness and gender. Both Lizz and Zed have been teaching workshops nationwide for over 15 years, and hold workshops with trauma-informed care, skillful leadership and fierce love. Lizz’s favorite garden vegetable is snap peas, and Zed recently rearranged their book collection by spine color.

    Which One Will You Be?




    By choice or circumstances, your financial resources are limited. You’d like a little help with the monies. Pond spots are limited in the Rebalance Retreat and will be given to those in need on a first come first served basis.




    Not too big, not too small, you’re right in the financial middle. You are willing and able to pay the fair price for what the workshop actually costs.




    By choice or circumstances, your financial resources are abundant (if you make more than $60K or have inherited wealth, we ask you to consider if you might be an ocean). You’re feeling the flow and would like to give a little more to help make possible for Body Trust to support our pond friends.

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