The Wonder Body Connection Tour

in which Amy and Alex explore connection with friends and strangers, and coloring

Where will they be going?

The blue is where we've been, the purple is where we're going. Want us to detour your way? Let us know.

How can you help?

Body Trust events are a community effort — we call upon our beloveds for support, circle, and cheering. This national Wonder Body Connection Tour is no different! Alex and Amy will be traveling all over the US — and dipping into Canada! — through the fall of 2017. They'll do events separately and together, including readings, house parties, cocktails & coloring, readings at bookstores, workshops in community centers, erotic truthtelling at sex toy stores, and even, occasionally, a half-day workshop based on the senses, chakras, and pleasure of the Wonder Body coloring book.

We need YOUR help! Are you in one of these cities? Do you want to help us set up a venue, be part of the street team to get the word out, invite your friends, help us set up chairs? Do you want to bring us to a city that isn't on the list yet? Do you want to suggest we contact so-and-so to set up something cool? PLEASE do. Get in touch with Zed, Wonder Body Tour Manager, at and let's talk.

Amy and Alex laughing

Workshops and Readings

Cocktails & Coloring

Join Amy & Alex for our weekly online "cocktails & coloring" parties. Each week (using the online meeting space Zoom) we'll dive into one of the aspects of the coloring book. We'll chat, give a little presentation, and color together. Bring your favorite beverage and join us! Details coming soon.

House Parties

Gather your besties for a private house party where you can share the enlivening process of coloring in community. Amy will bring all the things (coloring pages, pencils, even a giant 6'x6' dry-erase coloring mandala) so that you and your friends can enjoy a few hours of creative collaboration. In this more intimate setting, Amy will talk about the book, the benefits of coloring, and brainstorm new "portals of pleasure".

Bookstores & Readings

Bring author and illustrator Amy Butcher to your book store for a dynamic presentation about the coloring book, the back-story of how it got created, and some of the challenges and pitfalls encountered along the way. Includes optional experiential component: individual coloring pages and a giant 6'x6' dry erase collective coloring mandala!

Sex Toy Stores & Other Sex Positive Spaces

Similar to our bookstore readings, but with a little more spice. The broadly erotic terrain of Wonder Body can also become explicitly erotic. Just think of how the sense of proprioception might be applied to strap-on technology. And who knows, Amy might just read one of her wonderful, whimsical erotic short stories to enliven the connection.

Half-day Workshop with Alex

Join Alex for a half-day experiential workshop entitled "Wonder Body: An experiential exploration of the body...with coloring!". Using the Wonder Body coloring book as a basis for the exploration of our senses, chakras, and pleasures. Individually and together in small groups we will adventure together to explore our sensate cartography.

  • Explore the senses: Did you know there are more than five senses?  Way more!  Identify and savor fifteen senses in your sensate pleasure body.
  • Map the subtle energies of the charka system: Exciting and intriguing, this map of energy in the body opens aware to a new landscape. 
  • Experience Pleasures: Pleasure can balance, restore, and transform us.  It can change us physically, energetically and emotionally.  This is an invitation into serendipity and surprise, maybe you will expand your pleasure repertoire. 
  • Join the Circle:  Individually and in small groups we will adventure together to explore our sensate cartography.

This is a clothing-ON experiential workshop. Come alone or bring some friends! (The $40 tuition includes a copy of the new coloring book "Wonder Body")

Pop-up Coloring Events

Keep your eyes open as you never know where we might show up. Coffee shops, dive bars, even the picnic table at a rest stop. We'll Facebook Live these moments so you can join us.

9/9/17 Saturday San Francisco Dolores Park, Telegraph Beer Garden With Alex
9/10/17 Sunday San Francisco With Alex
9/11/17 Monday Reno NV
9/12/17 Tuesday Salt Lake City
9/13/17 Wednesday Salt Lake City
9/14/17 Thursday Boulder
9/15/17 Friday Burlington CO
9/16/17 Saturday Lawrence KS
9/17/17 Sunday Lincoln NE
9/18/17 Monday Iowa
9/19/17 Tuesday Minneapolis
9/20/17 Wednesday Minneapolis Minneapolis Central Library With Alex
9/21/17 Thursday Madison A Woman's Touch With Alex
9/22/17 Friday Madison Evening Workshop in Prairie Du Sac With Alex
9/23/17 Saturday Millwaukee TBD
9/24/17 Sunday Chicago TBD
9/25/17 Monday Indianapolis IN TBD
9/26/17 Tuesday Ohio TBD
9/27/17 Wednesday Ann Arbor TBD
9/28/17 Thursday Toronto TBD
9/29/17 Friday Toronto TBD
9/30/17 Saturday Phlladelphia TBD
10/1/17 Sunday Baltimore TBD
10/2/17 Monday Washington TBD
10/3/17 Tuesday Chapel Hill TBD

More dates coming soon! Live event info below.

There will be a Northeast leg in early November including Boston, New York, Vermont, Northampton, Portland ME, and others.