Pleasure Lab Podcast – Episode 08

PleasureLabEpisode08Show Notes:

Length: 38:21

Amy and Zed talk about how to sustain the bliss of erotic connection (0:40)
Zed shares their poem "For the Record" (32:42)
TT@H: erotic superhero names (29:23)

Superhero names

You can find more of Zed Sinclair's spoken word at
Thanks to Dan Fogelberg for a clip of "Make love stay" from the album The Very Best of Dan Fogelberg, 2001, Sony.
(which was downloaded--and paid for--from iTunes).
We mention the amazing Betty Martin. You can find out more about her work at

Got something you want us to discuss? Email us at

Music: Grateful to Little Dog Big Ears for their Creative Commons licensed music She Sees Mice (intro and outro) and New Ages I (try this at home section). Also to Orquesta Arrecife for their snippet LA MORDAZA (whimsey section).

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