Update: Wonder Body Connection Tour






The Wonder Body Connection Tour is all over the place, bringing the aliveness of the coloring book near and far. We've started describing it as "an embodiment guide disguised as a coloring book."

I'm looking at this as a chance for me to explore what markers of community say "safe" to me, and which ones say "caution." Can I test what assumptions are beneath those judgements? Can I adjust those that need changing. I feel untethered in a good way, with the veil between the "known" world and the "discoverable" one being worn thinner. I'm in a deep meditation on what it takes to make connection, to push the conversation to the places that get to the heart of the matter—whatever that may be.

Right now, Alex and I are in Asheville, NC and will be heading to Savannah this weekend, before making our way to Atlanta. You can keep up with all the latest adventures at bodytrustcircle/wonder-body/tour (we just redid it so it's now very pretty!). It's sure to be full of surprises.

We'd love to see you!
— Amy

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