Wintertime Air

Wintertime Air

Noses are portals, between the inner world and the outer world. The function of breath invites awareness. Each breath allows contact with the environment and points attention to our body. Breathin...Read More »
Sweet Cave, Sweet Music

Sweet Cave, Sweet Music

I'm still in a sweet cave of reflecting on the year behind and tilling the emotional-spiritual soil so I can plant things for the year to come. I also have about ten projects in the fire, so part of ...Read More »

Root Chakra and the Wonder Body: the deep potential at the bottom of it all

In this episode of Season 3, Amy and Alex explore the root chakra. They drop into the not one but two root mandalas in the coloring book and describe how those images ground them. Then there is always the place of breathing all the way down to your anus (or pelvic floor) and how awareness of the root can increase resiliency and relieve stress ("Better Living Through Anal Breathing"!). They offer some things you can do at home to bring more awareness to the critical central location in the body, both physically and energetically.

Share one of your colored "root" pages with us (download PDF). What do you see? We'd love to see through your eyes. 🙂

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You can get your own copy of the Wonder Body Coloring Book! -

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Amy & Alex

To Rest is Radical

To Rest is Radical

Yoga Nidra: A practice of resting into the center of your being, into form and formlessness. Hello Beloveds! The veil is thin and the days cooler, shorter and darker. Rest beckons yet we may resist...Read More »
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