Introductory experiential embodiment explorations, each with specific gender focus.

Dedicated to Your Body is Body Trust's entry level workshop to introduce you to concepts of erotic embodiment, the wisdom of your own body, and identifying and cultivating desire. Each DTYB is open to a slightly different population so as to do work in a contained community.

Dedicated to Your Body for Women

For all self-identifying women of any expression, including but not limited to straight women, queer women, trans women, cis women, masculine of center women, butch women, femme women, genderqueer women. Scroll down for more information.

Dedicated to Your Body for Masculine Folks

For all self-identifying masculine folks regardless of gender or sexuality, including but not limited to cis and trans men, genderqueer men, butches, masculine of center women, and gay men.


Dedicated to Your Body for Queers

Open to all self-identifying queers of any gender. No previous experience required.

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Dedicated to Your Body: A Workshop For Women*

With the shifting of our world, our bodies need tending more than ever, away from lovers, partners, children and media. This workshop gives us that time to listen deeply to our needs and desires.

In a safe, respectful, generous and joyful community of women* discover and connect with the aliveness and potency of your body. This workshop is designed for women* interested in the conscious cultivation and exploration of embodied presence and sexuality. You will slow down enough to listen to what your body really wants and needs, witness and be witnessed, receive on your terms, and go with your own flow. This workshop offers you deep honoring, full choice, and total permission to be exactly where you are in your body now and to explore where you might want to go.

Date: Friday through Sunday (attendance at all days required)
Time: Friday 7pm, ending by 10pm; Saturday & Sunday 9:30am-6:00pm
Facilitated by Lizz Randall
Pre-registration required. Limited to 18 women*

*This retreat is open to all self-identifying women of any expression, including but not limited to straight women, queer women, trans women, cis women, masculine of center women, butch women, femme women, genderqueer women.

Learn about:
  • How to have clear boundaries and self-trust
  • Connect with erotic energy of your pelvis as a source of generative power
  • Learn how to ask for what you want
  • Uncover the power of giving and receiving without losing yourself
  • Explore states of embodiment, from subtle to bold, through conscious touch, movement, meditation and ritual
  • Develop a relationship with your whole body that serves as a foundation for everything in your life
  • Experience the potency of connecting with eros.

Pricing: Fair Energy Exchange

We want this workshop to be accessible to everybody, regardless of cost, but we must cover our expenses to keep this work sustainable, and we believe that one of the necessary expenses is adequate payment to our staff. Since Body Trust's commitment is to transparency, sustainability, and social justice, we are attempting to be clear about where the money goes while also making the work sustainable and accessible to everyone possible.

Yes, absolutely, we can work out a payment plan!

All participants must be paid in full by the start of the workshop.
Money, like most things, is an energetic flow. You may have a lot, like an abundant ocean, or you may have only a little, like a puddle or a pond.




If you are on a limited budget—as a student, artist, or with a minimalist lifestyle—we do have some limited scholarships available. Sign up for registration and we can talk more deeply about your particular situation.




The honest price of this workshop is $550, and that covers all of our expenses. Any profit beyond our expenses will help bring Body Trust as an organization into form, so we can play with you in more ways!




If you have wealth, or if your annual income is greater than $50k, we request you consider paying a little bit more to help assist those who don't have as much. Pay it forward to support the diversity of our community and circle of beloveds.

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We look forward to seeing you at another workshop in the future