How to Attend
the Virtual Temple

A monthly gathering for beloveds.

Thank you for joining us for the Virtual Temple

We're so glad you'll be joining us for this virtual circle of beloveds in this experiment in online temple. In order to get the most of your experience, please read below for how to prepare both energetically and technologically. Getting ready in both realms will enhance your experience.
Please bookmark this page for future reference.

1. Energetic Preparation
  • This virtual temple will be facilitated by a different member of the Body Trust team each month.
  • The circle only includes invited beloveds, i.e., experienced folks who have been in our circles before.
  • To the extent it is possible, find yourself a quiet space free of distractions. Get yourself a glass of water. Light a candle. We realize some of you may be attending while at work or on your commute, so just do the best you can to support dropping into this non-ordinary space for an hour. We will be doing meditation, so gather whatever you will need to be comfortable for that.
2. Technical Preparation
  • All you need is an internet connection, a web browser, and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or higher. We'll be using Adobe Connect as the space for our virtual temple.
  • We recommend that you check your system before the meeting by doing to this Connection Test. If you pass the first three steps, you are good to go (the fourth step is only for meeting hosts).
  • Most of you will already have Flash Player but, if not, you can download the latest Adobe Flash Player it for free.
  • Finally, it's always great to listen through headphones with a microphone (iPhone type ones will do). We may break out into small groups where you'll be able to talk with others and the acoustics are better for everyone when everyone is on headphones so there is no echo. Note that Adobe Connect is happiest when you plug these in before you launch the meeting.
3. How to Enter the Virtual Temple

1. If you do not have a username or password for the Adobe Connect account (you probably don't) then choose Enter as a Guest, type in your first and last name, and click Enter Room.
2. The meeting launches in your browser. If the meeting host has not yet arrived to the meeting or meeting security requires the host to approve your attendance, you will be placed in a waiting room. Once the meeting host accepts you into the meeting, the meeting room interface appears.

  • If you are having trouble joining a meeting then try the following:

1. Enter the meeting as a Guest user by entering in your First and Last Name in the Guest field.
2. Click the Help link on the Meeting Login page. This takes you to the Test Meeting Connection page where you can verify that your computer meets all necessary requirements. If you do not pass the test you will be given instructions for what you need to do.
3. Make sure popup blocking software is not blocking your meeting window.
4. You may be using a proxy server. To resolve this in Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab. Then enable the setting Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections. After doing this, clear your cookies, close all browser windows and attempt to re-enter the meeting.

  • If that still doesn't work, take a deep breath and then send an email to and we'll get you on!
4. Make a donation
    • If you've enjoyed your experience of Virtual Temple, please make a donation using the Paypal button below.

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