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Morning Meditation Practice with Alex & Zed

Join us on Zoom

Online in Body Trust's virtual temple
Free, donations graciously accepted

Body Trust would like to invite you to an offering to revitalize our meditation practices. Join Alex & Zed in our online virtual temple for a morning meditation. We'll start with a brief check-in and a little guidance for proper body alignment in order to find a seated position that can be sustained through the meditation, then we'll have a 25 minute quiet meditation, and complete. Drop ins are welcome; anyone can join, please do invite your friends.


  • 6:50am PST – 7:00am PST Join, check in, and organize your sitting position
  • 7:00am PST - 7:25am PST Guided meditation with Alex or Zed
  • 7:25am PST - 7:30am PST Completion & goodbyes