Radical Inclusivity

Portals of Pleasure Values Radical Inclusivity
We recognize that the staff holds privilege (being able bodied and white, for example), and that many social injustices affect access to embodied erotic work. We are aiming to be as inclusive as possible.
About gender: This workshop is for straight, queer, masculine of center, undecided, trans, butch, femme, cis, self-identified women, and the many other kinds of “women” in the broadest sense of the word. And: this workshop is for genderqueer folks outside the gender binary, regardless of how you were assigned at birth.
About race: The four producers of this workshop are white and actively working with anti-racist practices. This field of work is still dominated by white people, and we aim to actively include all people of color and to encourage POC to be leaders in the realms of erotic embodiment.
About accessibility: The workshop will not be interpreted; please contact us if you have specifics around hearing and we will work with you. Space is not wheelchair accessible, has stairs and outdoor gravel paths. We ask that the retreat be a scent-aware space. We also know there are a variety of other accessibility needs that we may or may not be aware of; please contact us and let us know what yours are, and we will gladly work with you.